Individually, we are creators, writers, chefs, investors, artists, entrepreneurs. Collectively, we’re a team equipped to make big things happen

Matt Bruck


Matt has had lots of success building businesses across industries – but his love of flavor keeps him coming back to the world of food & drink. Formative years in San Antonio pushed his native New Yorker’s palate toward spicy & Mexican. Teenage shifts in his grandfather’s working class bar shaped his service standards (and stocked him with a deep reservoir of naughty jokes). He learned about writing, economics and wine at Stanford. Matt is also co-founder & CEO of Joios, a community for flavor discovery.

Rebecca Chu


Rebecca is a native New Yorker, writer and self-proclaimed full time foodie. Without a doubt in her mind, Rebecca believes she was born to eat – literally – born weighing in at a whopping 11 pounds. She developed her love and passion for food early on in life when both her parents were in the restaurant business. Her father is still her favorite chef. With hardworking and busy parents, Rebecca learned to appreciate and experience food as more than just a tasty meal; food is quintessentially a communal and bonding experience with one another. Ask her anything – except what her favorite type of food is.

Jill Rittymanee

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Jill was born in Queens and grew up in a household where eating was more than an everyday routine. Traditional Thai meals at home led to ambitious, 30-stop food adventures. When Jill’s not eating food, thinking about food, reading about food, posting about food, or watching food shows, she also indulges in photography, illustration, and gallery hopping. Although she went on to become a graphic and web designer, her love of food brought her back to EatersDrinkers. Jill is also the host of Creatives Meet, which brings together people of all skill levels to collaborate on art projects.

Jesse Falowitz