What Is EatersDrinkers?

  • We’re a community drawn together by our love of eating, drinking and telling stores
  • We’re really good at understanding markets and building brands
  • Our business model makes out services accessible

What do we do for our clients?

  • Data driven brand strategy
  • Comprehensive image and digital management (design, content, optimization)
  • Events: design, promotion, management
  • Press & influencer relations
  • Finance & operations advisory

Who are our clients?

Our clients include restaurants, bars, food & drink producers and investors. We work with fancy and casual, established brands and startups. We’re flexible about segment but highly selective about personality: our clients are our partners.



How are we Distinctive?

  • Better Stories: We’re real storytellers, telling great stories well.
  • More Accurate Stories: We draw on deep roots in data gathering and analysis; we’re not just making stuff up.
  • Precise Delivery: Our multi-disciplinary teams work expertly across communications media, technology and live events, assuring optimal audience reach.
  • Efficiency & Affordability: We’re startup folks; we’ve built a better business model, managing operations and distributing cost effectively.